Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring at Faerie Mountain

Spring is in the air!  The flowers are blooming all over the place. And the finches gathered around the feeder are dressed in brilliant spring finery - all yellow and red.   All this enticed me into the dye area and this is what I found there!  I had been trying out the new dyes and left them to dry overnight.  As the wool dries the color changes to get more vivid.  They were not this bright last night!

The Merino in the first pic is so soft -- and the firestar in the second pic is so brilliant I had to get it out of the sun to get a good pic of it.

where to begin -- such a dilemma!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Stitches West 2010

Color!  Fun!  Meeting old friends and making new ones!  Stitches West 2010 was a blast!  Thank all of you that came and helped at the booth.  And a thank you to everyone who came by the booth.  

Set up was on Wednesday and Thursday with Market Preview for all the students on Thursday night.

Tried something different -- instead of a straight box-like shelves for the batts -- I kept seeing a 'mountain'.  So we built one out of the wire cages -- even had 'snow' (silver sections) on top when I discovered the last box of shelves was not black!! OOOPS!!

When we arrived back at the booth on Sunday morning we found the lamb snoozing atop the tower of batts!  Wonder what went on while we were away and in our beds??


We really liked having a corner booth.  It made for lots of room in the booth - so much so I signed up for this same space next year!

Now we have to get ready for CNCH which will be here at Santa Clara Convention Center in April. Hope to see you there!!