Friday, April 23, 2010


Oh my!!  Bug Day at Randall Museum in San Francisco.     Our demo was silkworms and spinning silk that had been dyed with bugs - cochinael.  Anne H., the silkworm lady and I set up facing the corvid cage.  In this cage were 2 ravens, 2 crows and 1 magpie.  The museum fixes a nice cage for these guys with tree limbs and toys hanging from the branches.  The ravens are are performers at heart.  The largest one did a dance under the cymbal, hitting in in rhythm to its dance -- 1-2-3  Hit the cymbal then 2 hops.  Repeating.  Then he moved to the log, same beat still going, pecking the cymbal this time -    Om pah pah   Om pah pah   two or three times then he hikes his leg and uses it to strike the cymbal.   He did this routine every time a new set of kids came up to look in the cage. If only the video on the new camera was easy to work!

Next to us were the two large tortoises.  These two guys had florescent orange tags on the rear end of their shells.  The attendant flashed a light up under the rock and I swear I saw two glowing tortoise rear ends!!

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