Sunday, November 22, 2009

Getting ready ..... phew ....

.... seems to be the mode of things now a days.  Fiber in the door, weighted out, then into the pots.  No time to get all enamored by all the color possibilities -- I just wants it all!  There is always that 'what if' niggling at the brain -- you sometimes experience it when you are making the second of a pair - socks, mittens, sleeves, earring --do they really have to match?? ;)

This next batch is scheduled for hand-painting -- only do it over some solid vats dyes instead of painting the undyed fiber - to get even more variations.  Chestnut and indigo give a brilliant mallard green -- like I need a reason to get into the indigo pot.

Last Wednesday Debbi (Twisted Sunshine Designs) and I went to the Treadles to Threads Guild meeting.  They are currently doing a fiber study by having different members study a fiber then report to the group.  The fibers discussed were Perendale (wool) and Inego (plant based fiber).  Even if you do not know this longwool chances are you have walked on it.  The carpet industry uses this wool because of its resilience - springy carpet you like to wiggle your toes in.  Cheviot rams crossed with Romney ewes gives best of both wools -- "crisp springy fibers, high loft, good staple length and low luster" Clara Parks in The Knitters Book of Wool.   The Ingeo is made from the sugar in plants such as field corn, wheat, sugar beets and sugar cane.  Paradise Fibers carries this in top form.  The presenter said she spun some up and her pet promptly ate it -- with no ill effects.  You can find this is 'fluff' form at Jo-Ann's and Michaels under fake Snow that you put under your tree AND it is not flammable like the other fake snow is.  :)  I think I prefer the wool besides there are too many cats here to bring in 'edible' yarn - that would be too much opportunity for them to get into trouble.

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