Friday, November 13, 2009

Where to begin. This particular spelling of Faerie is the one that refers to the magic surrounding the Fae Realm. This magic is most evident in the colors found in the dyed goods of Faerie Mountain Fibers.

The Faerie Realm is very colorful and we try to follow that in our color selections..... everything under the rainbow just about sums it up. From natural dyes to acid dyes we color our way through the fibers, dyeing anything that stands till long enough. At times it appears as if the faeries got into the acid before they started dyeing the fibers when the riot of colors are revealed in the dye pot!

First and foremost I am a certified silk junkie and a fiberholic. We at Faerie Mountain Fibers all share this addiction to its fullest. It is hard to keep track of the number of fleeces that are hiding in the corners - I know of at least 6 in my possession -- 3 of which are still in need of soap and water - lots!! There have been comments about the lack of room in my house because it is filled with fiber. I do not understand, there is enough room for me to spin, sleep and eat - what more is there?

Our first show was Lambtown, USA. It was great fun. Sue Reuser /Cormo Fleeces was one of our booth neighbors. A friend of hers brought her chinchillas. While working the booth we all took turns going over to pet both the chinchillas and the fleeces.

Excitement abounds as we get ready to do our first Stitches in Feb. 2010. That is a big step and an even bigger event. As I look at all the dyed fiber waiting patiently for its adoption to a new home sitting beside the plain fiber awaiting the soothing color baths I can't help but wonder if we do indeed have enough fiber -- but you can never have enough fiber, besides the one who dies with the most fiber wins or at least that is what I have heard!

I hear the dye pots calling ...............


  1. I am really interested in natural dyes-do you use mordants with them? Looking forward to more posts-